Sunday, November 04, 2012

Once more with feeling

Less than 10 months after I left, I'm heading back to the South Pole! On my first trip in 2006, I left on the last plane before the station closed. This trip I'll arrive a couple of weeks after the first plane of the season so I'll get to see another side of life there. This season my main tasks are to debrief the current winter-overs (Carlos Pobes and Sven Lidstrom) who have been at the South Pole since February, help out the new winter overs who will be beginning their year, and run the flashers (which I'll explain in a later post.) I'm scheduled to be on-ice between Nov. 10 and Dec 4, so I'll get to experience my first South Pole holiday on Thanksgiving. I've got a 5 hour layover in Los Angeles while waiting for the flight to Sydney, Australia so perhaps I'll write more while I'm stuck there.

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