Sunday, November 18, 2012

To infinity...

As a computer geek, much of my work can be done from the comfort of the station. Being down here is more about me being available when things go wrong, and about having reliable uninterrupted access to the computers here.
Occasionally I need to do work at the IceCube Lab, which is a 15-20 minute walk from the station. It's sort of on the edge of the safe zone. Some WIPAC people are travelling even further out to build a new experiment, but most people here don't go to the ICL.
Here's a picture of the station from the ICL. While we were trudging out to the ICL in our heavy coats, pants, and boots, we were passed by someone out for a run! Our previous winterover Carlos was a marathoner who would frequently go for one or two hour runs in the middle of the Antarctic winter.
Here's a view of what's beyond the ICL. That windmill is generating power for ARA, the experiment I mentioned above.


Elaine Glowacki said...

Dare I say: Lucky! ?

Edgington said...

Hey Cuz,
Mom mentioned you were back in Antarctica (yes it is a harsh continent, but I think anything below 50 is harsh!)
Stay warm & healthy,
Be sure to post wildlife pix when you get them