Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's schedule

They're planning on flying us back to New Zealand today. The CHC->MCM (christchurch to McMurdo) plane is supposed to leave at 9PM and since it's a 5 hour flight it'll likely touch down here at around 2AM. If all goes well, we'll be in Christchurch by 8AM tomorrow.

I had to "bag drag" at 4PM, so my suitcase and extra gear are probably already on a pallet headed out to Pegasus field. It's about 5:30PM and I've got little to do except eat dinner and wait until 9PM to make sure that the flight has left.

Once I'm ABSOLUTELY sure the flight's on its way, I'll head back to my room, strip my bed, and then haul my stuff over to the Crary science building and get back on the Internet until it's time to report for transport out to Pegasus. After the quick van ride yesterday, it'll be tough to go back to chugging out there on Ivan!

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