Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though the South Pole is technically one of the two places on Earth where time zones meet, we run on New Zealand time. McMurdo is the closest U.S. base to the South Pole and they're in the New Zealand time zone, so things are just easier if we all use that time zone. Since New Zealand is close to the start of the International Date Line, it's already Thursday here, thus the subject of this post.

Even though it's technically Thanksgiving, it's a work day. And since it's a 6 day work week here, we aren't having Thanksgiving dinner until Saturday night. I've never been at Pole during a holiday, but I hear it's kind of fancy.

As part of the preparation, I've volunteered to help peel potatoes tonight at 8PM (along with a dozen other people). There's also a pie-making session at the same time, and pub trivia is happening as well, so there'll be a sort of celebration tonight!

I'm most thankful that yesterday was laundry day (and that I was able to humidify my room with the drying clothes) and that today was shower day! Even better, I managed to completely wash myself using less than a minute of water, so I was able to do nothing but relax in the warm shower for a full minute!

I hope your Thanksgiving is as wonderful as that minute of warm water!

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