Monday, November 19, 2012

Freshies and phrases

I'm just back from helping bring freshies into the station.

A flight just left, taking away some passengers but leaving us with fresh fruit and vegetables. Those things don't do well in -32 F degree weather (with windchill, -57 F) so they need to be brought into the station quickly.

To do that, a call goes out over the station-wide P.A. system asking for all available hands to report to D.Z. (Destination Zulu, one of the two main station exits). The station is raised on supports, so the entryway is a couple of stories off the ground. Volunteers form a human chain to bring boxes up the stairs into the station. Once that is done, another chain is formed to bring the boxes up another set of stairs to the galley on the second floor.

I happened to end up at the top of the outdoor stairway where I would a box, turn and walk a few steps to the next person then continue turning until I was facing the stairs again, ready to grab another box. I was relieved when the last box came through because I was getting a little dizzy!

As for my favorite phrase today, it comes from my daughter who was not amused with a discussion in one of her classes recently, referring to some of her classmates as "bunkum spitting blockheads". She gets her misanthropy from me :-)

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