Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Twinkies and Ho-hos

The dessert today was a tribute to Hostess, hand-crafted Twinkies (yellow cupcakes with creme filling) and Ho-hos (chocolate cake topped with creme and a thick layer of chocolate on top.) I had a Ho-ho for lunch and dinner. They were sinfully delicious. As someone else observed, the best part about them was that you could feel the sugar crystals crunching as you were chewing!

Below the tasty treats, you can see the bottomless cookie container. There are usually at least 4 different kinds of cookies, so there's usually something for everyone.

I have to admit that I put on a couple of pounds the first week I was here, but I wasn't really working out. Now that I'm back to using the elliptical, I lost a pound over the last week.

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