Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work and play

Today I helped my co-worker Sabrina read data from the three new strings which have been frozen in ... it can take up to a month for the water surrounding some of the strings to completely freeze. Also, because it's warmer a kilometer below the ice than at the surface, the strings freeze from the top down. We found a couple of minor problems with my software, but everything else looks good and we should be ready to take data tomorrow from the old IC59 strings as well as the 13 new strings which are ready.

The South Pole International Film Festival was fun. None of the entries would be mistaken for professionally made films, but they were mostly entertaining. The IceCube party was also a good time. I even managed to make it back to the station by 5AM and get in a few hours' work!


Hiam said...

Stay warm. Raining and fog here in Mad-City

Dave Glowacki said...

Elaine's going to meet me in Hawaii on the way back, so I'll be warm for a little while!