Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Correction to my last post

The woman who was supposed to arrive today at noon apparently missed her bag-drag last night so she could not get on the plane today. Instead, all IceCube people have been invited to sign the last DOM to go into the ice this season, so I'll walk back out to drill camp at around 9AM and get my name buried in the ice!


Edgington said...

Hi Dave,
Should we round up some school kids to ask questions as they did last year?
Is your work there related to your work at home? How did you get involved with the ice project?

Dave Glowacki said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but there's probably not enough time. Because drilling went so quickly, I'll be leaving the station on the 27th (and since we're 19 hours ahead of CDT, it'll be more like Monday for y'all)