Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm at the South Pole!

We took off from McMurdo today at 9AM. On the 45 minute ride out to the Pegasus airfield, we saw 5 Emperor penguins, which we took as a positive omen!

The plane ride took 3 hours, after which we FINALLY landed at the South Pole airfield. Lots of IceCubers came out to greet us, and after we dumped our stuff off (I got a room in the station instead of staying in one of the Quansit huts in "summer camp"), we went and had lunch (and saw more IceCube people)

I get a day or so to settle in, then I'll find out which drill shift I'm working. In the mean time, I'll try to acclimate to the low oxygen, 0% humidity environment!


Mike F said...


Just heard a blurb on Iowa Public radio that an IceCuber is going to be their talk show guest today. I'll try to catch it and/or post a link to the podcast after its over.

"Talk of Iowa
Upcoming Broadcasts
Monday, January 11
Ice Fishing for Neutrinos

In advance of his speech in the Quad Cities, Dr. Francis Halzen explains how he and other scientists transformed a cubic kilometer of ice at the South Pole into a giant telescope."

Mike F said...

Here's a link to the podcast of this talk show re: IceCube.