Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Work schedule

I've got a tentative schedule now. I'm going to try to work from 1AM to 11AM every day. This may sound awful, but it's bliss for two reasons.

First, it's light here 24 hours a day. The sun just goes around an around. Word is that the two week sunset is really cool (literally, because the temps REALLY start dropping after that)

Second, we only have Internet connectivity for ~10 hours a day (currently from ~12:30AM to 10:10AM, but it's 4 minutes earlier every day), and I'll have access to the Web for much of my work day with that schedule.

As a corollary to #2, my friend and co-worker John Jacobsen will be arriving in a couple of weeks and he'll probably be working most of that time as well.

This schedule will change in a couple of weeks, however. The drillers have gotten really good at their jobs, to the point where they're doing 3 holes a week and still getting a day off. We only have 6 more holes to drill, so drilling should be finished in two more weeks.

After that, things will likely be less routine. I'll need to help clean up, burn the season's software and data to DVDs, and help get things ready for winter. I'll probably also be working more on the data acquisition software, which is my main focus for the other 11 months of the year.

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