Sunday, January 25, 2009

Celebration golf

I got a big piece of software working today, so to celebrate, I went out with Mark and Sven and played golf. South Pole golf is a bit different from regular golf.

 First, the balls are orange so we can find them in the snow, and even then it's not easy. We spent about 10 minutes after we teed off looking for Sven's ball, because it had tunneled into the snow.

Second, holes tend to fill up with snow, so we play to hit objects. In this game, the first "hole" was the ceremonial South Pole, then we played to the geographical pole marker for the second hole, and back to the ceremonial pole for the final hole. (It was COLD so we only played three holes)

I won the first hole, tied with Mark for the second hole, and then choked on the third hole and finished last.

Here's me finishing the second hole at the geographic pole marker.

I'm glad I finally got to play a round here!

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