Thursday, February 08, 2007


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Behind the Jamesways, there is an open storage area where the large, durable material is stored. There are rows and rows of mysterious boxes, crates, etc.

On one edge of this area, there is a pile of spools. I've heard that these cast-off spools once held the IceCube cables which bring information from the data sensors deep in the ice up to the computers which run our software.

Since nothing is wasted at Pole, somebody has stacked the spools and made a nice sculture. To give you a sense of the size, each of those gray spools is about 6 feet tall. Also adding to the beauty, there's nothing behind those spools ... you can see all the way to the horizon. It's a really pretty sight ... until your hand starts hurting from taking pictures while being exposed to -50 degree winds.

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