Friday, February 16, 2007


During our orientation in McMurdo, they mentioned the South Pole ruor mill, and cautioned us to take all rumors with a grain of salt.

The rumors have been flying fast over the past 24 hours. At around midnight, one of the other guys on the project came in and said he'd heard we were flying to McMurdo on the 17th. That rumor kept going strong, with people saying the early exit was due to (a) McMurdo wanting to shut down and send all their extra people home or (b) because the National Guardsmen who fly the planes to the U.S. bases on Antarctica want to go home.

I took a nap from around 3PM until 6:30PM and when I got up, people were saying that we "soft closers" were likely to fly out on Sunday.

The IceCube section of B2 Science is right next to the Meteorology guys, whose primary job down here is forecasting weather for the flights into the Pole. A short while ago, one of the guys came by and told us that the forecasting models are saying that visibility will be low tomorrow, so it's unlikely that any flights would be leaving tomorrow, including the flight which was to take people directly from here to Christchurch via a transfer in McMurdo.

I wonder what the rumor mill will be saying tomorrow?

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