Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mmmm ... breakfast!

I'm kind of brain-dead today, even though I got a record 4 straight hours of sleep, followed by another 3 hours after a brief bathroom break. It feels like we're making good progress on our project, so I don't feel TOO bad that I'm not as productive today.

I got to the main station today at around 7:30PM, grabbed my "morning" bowl of Frosted Flakes and went to work for 5 hours or so. I'm writing this just after returning from midrats (midnight rations, a Navy term) in the galley (Navy again) and we had ... breakfast stuff: omelets, quiche, hash browns, corned beef hash, muffins. My next meal will be in 5 hours or so and will, of course, be everyone else's breakfast.

It's a day of breakfasts!

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