Sunday, February 04, 2007

My room in the Jamesway

Originally uploaded by dglo.

Originally uploaded by dglo.
Here are a couple of pictures of my plush accommodations. These pictures are taken from outside the "door" (which is actually a couple of pieces of canvas hanging from a bare wooden frame). As you can see, there's ample reason to get out of my room and into the main station to work.

While floor level is certainly cold, it's comfortable at bed level for sleeping.

I share this building with 3-6 other people -- I'm not exactly sure how many, because we're all on different shifts and don't really interact. I'm on "satellite" shift (I work mostly during the 12 hours when the satellites are visible), and I know at least a couple of other residents are on day shift, because I've been woken up a couple of times by people banging around during the day.

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Maureen Murphy said...

Hi Dave,
This looks alot like my dorm rooms in the military.
I am enjoying your trip.