Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Work Sweet Work

Back half of B2 Science
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Here's the back half of B2 Science. The IceCube section is under those tarps. That's where I spend 10-14 hours a day pounding out code.

The second picture shows our work area. There are 7 network connections, and we occasionally have more that 7 people working here, so a spot at the table is a valuable thing. People are starting to leave the Pole, so we won't be quite so crunched.

The third picture is a more typical, early morning satellite shift scene. There are usually fewer computers on the table at this hour, but we're going to have an early morning debugging session with some people in the Northern Hemisphere, so some day shift people have left their laptops on the table and gone to nap until 4:30AM (which will be 9:30AM yesterday)

I work a lot with John Jacobsen (on the left) on pDAQ. The guy on the right is Georges Kohnen, who is working on storing IceCube information in a database.

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