Saturday, January 14, 2012

Indoor pictures

There are several webpages which dominate my life right now.
Most important is the satellite schedule, which indicates when we can connect to the Internet. Every day there are several small windows of an hour or so when we can talk to computers back in the States, followed by a long drought between around 6PM and 2:30AM.
The current weather is always displayed (along with the satellite times and a few other pages) in on several screens in the galley. It's been cloudy out, but it's supposed to clear up tomorrow!
Finally, there's the outgoing passengers manifest, which tells a little story about the end of the season for IceCubers.

Naoko is the first of our group to leave on Thursday the 19th.

Carlos Pobes is one of the two people who will be down here all winter taking care of the IceCube computers and equipment. He won the South Pole marathon, so he'll fly to McMurdo on the 20th in order to run in the Antarctic marathon on the 22nd.

I'll fly out with Torsten on the 21st. It is a Saturday flight and there are no flights on Sunday so we'll weekend in McMurdo and fly out on Monday. So I'll be able to cheer on Carlos while he's running!

The other four IceCubers leave on the 24th. A group of people who work with IceCube will begin to arrive on the 19th, but they're coming down to work on a non-IceCube physics project.

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