Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pictures of the day

My lovely wife asked me to add more picture, so I'm trying to publish at least one or two a day. These are from the McMurdo to South Pole flight. I was in the middle of the passenger's section, so you can see just about the entire passenger compartment. The back half of the plane is full of cargo.

Passengers need to walk carefully because there are metal rollers in the middle of the "aisles". Of course, we're all wearing our big South Pole boots, so we'd need to step carefully even without the rollers.

You can also see one of the passengers looking out a rear window. Throughout the flight, there at least one or two passengers looking out the windows or taking pictures.

The red jackets are covering up the passengers' "overhead bin" baggage, which is strapped down just like the green bags in the upper photo.

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