Saturday, January 14, 2012

My office at the South Pole

Here are some pictures of my "office" in room B2 on the station.
This is most of the IceCube group, missing only Torsten Schmidt and Carlos Pobes. On the left you can see Volker and Andreas to the left (Torsten sits on the other side of Andreas). Naoko is hidden behind Walter in the middle. Sven (in the hat) is sitting at the desk he'll be using all winter long and Heath is next to him.

Behind Sven you can see a partition walling our section off from the Meteorology desks.
Another angle on the IceCube space. You can actually see Naoko in this picture, and Carlos' unattended desk behind her. You can see my unattended chair and computer in the center of the picture. Note also the nifty IceCube poster on the wall!
One last shot. Beyond that file cabinet one the left is South Pole Telescope territory (and you can see one of the SPT folk sitting at the desk on the right of the photo), and there are two more sections beyond that. Despite the warehouse-like nature of the space, it's actually kind of quiet and conducive to work!


Blake said...

Looks do come second, come to think of it. Even if your office looks like a 5-star hotel, no work can be done if the overall aura isn't workable enough. You guys seem pretty comfortable in the pictures, despite it being in the South Pole!

- Blake Mitchell

Dave Glowacki said...

Yep, it's a pretty comfy space, especially for the South Pole. Other people who have to work outdoors :-)