Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Pole pics

The South Pole computer network has a common drive which people use for actual work, but which also has a sizable collection of photos which people have shared. I found a section with photos from 1960-1961
Back then the entire operation was run by the Navy, and the camp was much more spartan than the cozy station we work in today.
These days EVERYTHING is recycled and hauled back to New Zealand. Spills are cleaned up. The ideal is to leave everything as pristine as possible. I've heard that management of the continent back in the Navy days was a lot, ummm, looser.

I certainly haven't seen any pinups anywhere on station. Of course, I'm sure they never saw any women with blue and pink streaks in their hair. At least not when they were awake.

The ceremonial Pole marker these days is a lot less specifically American, but it still has a similar mirror ball on top.

And people back then also posed for wacky "right-side-up" hero shots!

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