Friday, December 13, 2013


The word went out yesterday that Prince Harry's group had set up camp about 10km away from the station. The station managers talked to them and all agreed that they would have a few hours alone at the Pole tonight, then at around 4AM Sunday anyone who wanted could head out to the Pole for a group photo.

Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding somewhere and they Prince's group showed up early this morning, took their hero shots, and went back to their camp. So, no group photo.

They'll be leaving in two groups, one departing on Monday and the other on Wednesday. They'll stay at their camp until then, so the tourist camp remains empty.

The bad luck with flights continued today as yet another flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. All the people who have been trying to leave for the last 4 days will now be on the Monday flight with me ... assuming that flight makes it here and back to McMurdo with passengers.

And finally the moment you've all been waiting for ... my hero shot for the year!

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