Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Day?

Today might be my last full day at the Pole. Yesterday I left my bags in the cargo area to be added to the ever growing pile of bags destined to be loaded onto the next flight to McMurdo.

Last night was the big South Pole Telescope party, but I spent another Saturday night unconcious. I was asleep by 9PM and woke up (for the final time) at around 7AM! That's the second time this trip I've gotten around 10 hours of sleep, a rare thing at the South Pole.

I did make it out for the start of the South Pole marathon. Over a dozen brave souls started the race.

I didn't stick around to see the finish, Sunday brunch was calling me.

In case you didn't heard, it was a big week for the IceCube project. Physics World magazine named IceCube's observations of neutrinos the Breakthrough of the Year. This is after IceCube made the cover of Science magazine.

It's pretty cool being a tiny part of that work!

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