Friday, December 06, 2013


Pretty boring day today. I got up and discovered the GOES satellite link was GONE again. I got dressed and performed my morning ablutions then gobbled a double chocolate muffin before working out. Since I had a shower a couple of days ago I got dressed right after I worked out and headed into B2, where I've been planted ever since.

Fortunately I've got a few pics squirreled away. Here are a couple of pictures of summer camp. These are insulated plywood and canvas buildings used when there are a lot of people here. The station population is low enough that everyone gets a room on station, but back in IceCube drilling days I stayed out here a couple of times.

Here's the back side of one of the summer camp buildings. Snow blows in all winter and unless it's cleared away it will eventually bury anything that sticks above ground.

The traverse guys mark their trail with flags like those around this building and some those were barely visible when they made the first trip this year!

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