Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Being green

For you snow-bound people, here's some greenery from the South Pole.

Since there are no flights for at least 8 months, the greenhouse is the only source of fresh fruits and vegetables, referred to as "freshies" here.

The greenhouse area is also delightfully humid so it's not unusual to see someone sitting on the couch inside the greenhouse, soaking up some moisture.

In other news Bill Spindler, who runs www.southpolestation.com pointed me at this article which explains everything you could every want to know about raising and leveling the station. It's a bit technical, but still a fun article if you're interested.

Also, we've cleaned up our area here in the station and Ian is working on a short IceCube presentation because we've been told to expect British media on station in the next couple of days. So maybe I'll get to see McNulty after all!

That last item is particularly important to me because my departure from Pole has been moved from Tuesday to Monday (5 days from now). For some reason I still don't understand, instead of an overnight stay we now need to spend two days in McMurdo on the way out.

So I'm rushing to finish the big task I'd hoped to complete on this visit, but I think that's been true of every visit to the Pole :-)

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