Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pole again

Dag and I made it to Pole on our first attempt!

The weather at Pole has been bad this week and all four scheduled flights were cancelled so some people have been twiddling their thumbs in McMurdo for quite a while. We were VERY lucky!

Once we landed, we were met at the edge of the runway by Ian, the other new winterover, and Ralf, a former winterover and current IceCube IT expert. They walked us back to the station where we got ANOTHER briefing video (much shorter than the previous videos and more focussed on dealing with the altitude) then we got our room assignments and I unpacked my carry-on bag and headed up to my main workplace, B2 Science.

It does take a few days to adjust to the altitude as I was reminded when I got winded while carrying my suitcase up the single flight of stairs. I'll sleep in tomorrow and take it easy, then on Saturday I'll kick into high gear briefly before coming to a screeching halt for the South Pole Thanksgiving meal. It's a 6 day work week at the Pole so holidays are celebrated on Saturday night and Sunday.

That's another reason I'm glad I made it to Pole. The food is usually much better here, probably because the McMurdo cooks serve 10 times as many people.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures!

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