Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why I don't travel much

On Saturday morning, a few hours before I was supposed to leave on this trip, I woke up in bed with my lovely wife and she mentioned that the room was kind of spinning. We laid there for a few minutes chatting and then she got out of bed to brush her teeth and fell over. She continued having vertigo and we called our HMO advice line, who told her to drink lots of fluids and check back if the vertigo didn't go away.

In the mean time, I was literally flying to the other side of the earth, so I checked in when I landed in Dallas and by the time I called from Los Angeles, she said she felt a little better. It seems to have been simply an inner ear infection or something like that. Elaine was even able to go in to work on Monday which was a good thing because...

Apparently Hannah was hit by a car on her way to school Monday morning. She was walking in a cross walk and a young woman was texting on her phone and the car drifted into the crosswalk, tapping Hannah on the knee and knocking her over. The woman got out and checked on Hannah, but Hannah was late for school so she said she was fine and ran off. When Han woke up this morning, her knee hurt and she told Elaine all of this, so Elaine took her into the HMO where the doctor declared her perfectly fine.

It's nice to get all this out of the way ... after all, what else could possibly go wrong!

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