Monday, January 29, 2007

At the Pole

At the Pole
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I made it! Here I am fresh off the plane from McMurdo to the South Pole. The flight was great, the scenery was fantastic, and I even got to go up on the flight desk for a little while!

We're going to work 'satellite hours'. The South Pole can only connect to the Internet through 3 geo-synchronous satellites which have accidentally strayed so far out of their paths that they can been seen from the South Pole for a few hours each day. Today, the first one was visible at 9:45PM and the last one disappears at 9:11AM.

I'm trying to stay up until 2AM this morning and will go to be a couple hours later each day until I'm up for the entire time the satellites are visible. It's already 1AM here, so I've got a pretty good chance to make it!

It helps that there's a midnight meal for us third shifters...

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