Sunday, December 02, 2012

We don't need another hero (shot)

Last full day!

I woke up at 7:30AM this morning after a fitful night's sleep -- sleep in a low-oxygen environment is often not good, I won't miss that part of the South Pole experience. I worked out then showered and had some banana bread and tea while going through my email. I've almost finished packing my bags and then I'll drag them to the Bag Drop area and say goodbye to them for a day or two

I have several more hours' work to do today and a few more meals ("Deli Day" for lunch, "Thai Night" for supper, and if tomorrow's plane doesn't get here before 11:30AM, "Mac and Cheese" for my final Pole lunch). After that, it's three straight days of transit: a 5 hour Pole->McMurdo flight on Tuesday, an 8 to 10 hour McMurdo->Christchurch flight on Wednesday, then the 30+ hours of travel time on Thursday. That last trip really does happen in a single day. Since we fly back across the international date line, I'll leave at around 10AM Thursday and arrive at around 5PM Thursday.

There's the remote possibility that I'll write something in McMurdo (especially if I get stuck there for more than a day), but more than likely this is the end of this season's blog. Thanks for reading!

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Elaine Glowacki said...

I've been waiting for the hero shot. Didn't really believe you were there. Yay! Dudley, you do right.