Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gearing up!

I'm getting ready to go back to the South Pole!

I spent yesterday in bed with the flu. Hannah had it on Christmas Eve and it hit Elaine on the 26th, so I knew it was coming and I REALLY didn't want to be sick during the 24 hours or so of travel to Christchurch, N.Z. Therefore, I was HAPPY when I got sick because the timing was perfect! I had a couple of hours' warning before it really hit, so I did all my morning chores, pulled together some supplies, and climbed into bed. I dozed and listened to audiobooks and podcasts from around 10AM to 10PM and felt like the worst had passed. I even slept straight through from midnight until 8AM!

Today I'm pulling together a packing list and making sure I've got everything on it Tomorrow I'll pop into work for a bit, get any last-minute items I think of, and finish packing. Tuesday, I board my plane at 10:25AM and 4 flights and 27 hours later I land in Christchurch!

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